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I’m H. S. Norup and I write stories for children.

My new book (out 2. March 2023) is called Into The Faerie Hill.

It’s an adventure story about a rootless boy called Alfred, an eco-warrior girl who calls herself Saga, and a community protest against a motorway tunnel that will harm nature and disturb the faeries. The fearsome faeries! Read more…

“A tapestry of a book: mythology, folklore & environmental challenges woven together with such bright characterisation & immersive detail that I couldn’t put it down. A gorgeous book.”

Hilary McKay

“Enchanting mix of faerie lore, family mystery and eco-activism. Magical and memorable, and full of love for special places and people.”

Nicola Penfold

The Hungry Ghost is the story of Freja, a twelve-year-old girl, who moves to Singapore to live with her father and his new family. When a mysterious girl in a white dress appears, Freja follows her on an adventure to unravel old family mysteries and uncover long-buried secrets. Read more…

Hungry Ghost and more — the best of young adult fiction. “[Freja’s] quest to solve the mystery of this unquiet spirit takes the pair into the thrilling territory of Chinese folklore and feng shui.”

Financial Times

“Explores lost family histories and expat life, with a taste of Singaporean myth and folk tradition.”

Kirkus Review

The Missing Barbegazi is a fast-paced adventure about an eleven-year-old ski-racing girl who must save one of the last barbegazi, all while the health of her grandmother deteriorates. It’s a story about trust, the power of hope and the magical bonds of family. Read more…

A SUNDAY TIMES CHILDREN’S BOOK OF THE YEAR. “A surprising dual narrative recounts a tender, suspenseful adventure as Tessa helps rescue a snatched elf child.”

Sunday Times, Children’s Books of the Year 2018

A fun and fast-paced adventure filled with heart and hope. A good choice for middle- grade readers who like their realism with a side of fantasy.


Have a look around my website to read more about my books and the things that inspired me to write the stories.

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Sketch by David Liew

Credits: All design elements by Anna Morrison. Sketch by David Liew. UK book cover for Into The Faerie Hill by Thy Bui, UK book covers for The Missing Barbegazi and The Hungry Ghost by Anna Morrison, US book cover by Aubrey Blackham/Sarah Taplin