Into The Faerie Hill

The moment Alfred arrives at his granny’s cottage, he feels like he’s being watched. The surrounding forests teem with unfamiliar life—even odd little faerie creatures only Alfred can see. It’s only when free-spirited Saga bursts into his life that he learns to appreciate the strange beauty around him.

But this special world is under threat: Alfred’s dad is working on a project to dig a giant motorway tunnel through the landscape. As he joins Saga in the protests against this project, Alfred draws ever closer to the perilous world of the faerie creatures, following a thread that will lead him deep into mysteries from his family’s past.


Into The Faerie Hill is an adventure story about a rootless boy, an eco-warrior girl, and a community protest against a motorway tunnel that will harm nature and disturb the faeries. The fearsome faeries!

Alfred and Saga must venture deep into the mysterious faerie realm to unravel secrets from the past and find a way to protect both nature and otherworldly creatures. At its heart, the book is about family, friendship, and discovering who you are and where you belong. Nature and how we can protect our natural world are also important themes in the book.

The beautiful cover is designed by Thy Bui.

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What people are saying:

A tapestry of a book: mythology, folklore & environmental challenges woven together with such bright characterisation & immersive detail that I couldn’t put it down. A gorgeous book.

Hilary McKay

Enchanting mix of faerie lore, family mystery and eco-activism. Magical and memorable, and full of love for special places and people.

Nicola Penfold

An exciting quest deep into a dark and tricky Fairyland, where stalagmites scream and leaves can burn – and where the secrets of Alfred’s family lie. This one body loved this book!

Sinéad O’Hart

I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful adventure into Faerie Land… The faerie creatures in particular were a delight.

Thomas Taylor

Both wildly fantastical and heart-wrenchingly down to earth – a stunning journey about nature, family and finding your true self.

Eve McDonnell

Beautifully written and haunting, and above all things, a wonderful story from a writer who has a truly original voice.

Tamsin Rosewell

What a gorgeous book this is! Full of magic, charm & wonder. Brimming with imagination, I loved curling up & reading this one.

Hannah Gold

WHAT a gorgeous book… an enchanting magical mystery blending real and imagined worlds, folklore and eco-activism!

Rashmi Sirdeshpande

Tremendous fun! An atmospheric eco-fairy tale full of visual flair and imagination.

Liz Hyder

A great addition to any upper KS2 class or school library. Some very complex and difficult themes are presented in this exciting novel leaving the reader with sensitive resolutions and a feeling of hope.

Just Imagine Story Centre

Into The Faerie Hill has received many wonderful reviews from brilliant book bloggers, teachers and librarians. You can find quotes and links to the full reviews here.

My inspiration for the book

INTO THE FAERIE HILL was written during several pandemic lockdowns, where I wasn’t able to travel. Instead I went on long walks in the forest behind our house. As I hiked among the trees, I imagined strange creatures peeping out of their shadows. I stepped into faerie rings, which may or may not have taken me to another realm. At times, it certainly felt as if time stood still.

Other forests and underground caves on four continents have inspired the setting of this story too—from my childhood forests in Denmark to wood-covered mountains in the alps and endless forests in North America. And from Mønsted Kalkgruber—the largest limestone mine in the world with its maze of tunnels, underground lakes and colonies of bats—all the way to the underground river in the Waitomo Glowworm caves in New Zealand and dripstone caverns in Vietnam.

I’m thankful that I have had the opportunity to travel and explore so many breathtaking places that feed my imagination.

All photos by me, except the turquoise river photo from the Waitomo Glowworm caves.