In a World of Colour

North Sea at Skallerup Klit, DK. Photo by HS Norup
North Sea at Skallerup Klit, DK. Photo by HS Norup


You sit on the beach with your best friends. The bonfire warms you. Cool evening air caresses your shoulders.
The salty breeze whisks the smell of slightly burnt bread away.
Someone somewhere plays the guitar. The tones melt together, blending with the sound of waves licking the sand.
The sun is setting, the sky explodes in a firework of unexpected colours. The veil between the real world and imaginary worlds disappears. You dream with your eyes open.
The colours change in hue and saturation. The sun moves slowly at first, then it touches the sea on the horizon and appears to speed up. And suddenly it is gone.
The colours linger and darken until the sky turns to black velvet and the stars twinkle. You close your eyes. The dream carries you away.

It’s your dream. What happens next?

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