Welcome to Dragonia

Sankt Anton am Arlberg. Photo by HS Norup
Sankt Anton am Arlberg. Photo by HS Norup


You find the strange hole behind a statue in the park. There are footsteps in the snow leading to the hole, but none going away from it. You hesitate, then you jump in and crawl through the narrow tunnel in the snow. It winds up and down and darkens. Snow squeaks under your hand and drizzle down where your head touches the tunnel roof. You glimpse something blue ahead. A slice of the sky. Scrambling forward, you emerge on a narrow path, surrounded by mountains.
A knight in full armour rides up to you. Behind him, a cluster of kids wave.
“So, the last one has arrived,” he says, appraising you. “You!” he points with his sword at a boy in jeans and down jacket. “Close that tunnel lest the dragons escape.”

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